The Power is Ours, Not Theirs

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It happens more often than you think, where core classes are staffed with rotating substitutes for weeks, months at a time, and students just give up. They don’t try. The books are there, there are lessons on YouTube, entire classes on KhanAcademy, and so on. Yet instead of using these resources to learn the material, they most often see it as a free pass to goof around and do nothing, then offer up the excuse, “we didn’t have a teacher.”

Ebomaphobia is as Deadly as Ever


“We have to change how we see each other, and we cannot do that until we say what it is. Which is racism, and fear of Black men specifically, drives these shootings.” Aisha Tyler of The Real discussing Terrence Crutcher’s murder

Fake News from Fox News


I researched the death of Seth Rich believing that I would find yet another mysterious murder tied to Hillary Clinton. I mean, I have always loved a good conspiracy theory. I’ve worked for the Federal Government and I can assure you, there is plenty going on that we don’t know about. Things that are swept […]