Inauguration Day: Police Injured And 100 Racists Arrested

I’ve not had a chance to watch the inauguration. I’m told Donald Tump had a good speech. The news reads that there are injured police and over 100 people have been arrested. This is why Trump is our president. People like me (prior military with police officer father and brother) who are tired of the […]


The Wall of Meat And The Shield Of Prayer

As if things couldn’t get weirder now we have a group of bikers calling themselves the “Wall of Meat” and a group of Christians called the “Shield of Prayer” who vow to protect Donald Trump during the inauguration. Though the name “Wall of Meat” is… interesting, it is reminiscent of the Patriot Guard. I remember […]


The United Nations Will Comply Or Crumble

Trump has questioned if the US should de-fund the UN in protest to its lack of effectiveness and in light of the United Nations draft resolution. This is an Egyptian-sponsored resolution that would condemn Israeli housing construction in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank. The resolution referred to the settlement as a “flagrant violation […]

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