Wells Fargo Bank May Not Survive Its Deepening Scandal

WELLS FARGO CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - 2016/10/05: A concerned group of New York-based citizens, professionals, artists and activist groups staged a protest vs Wells Fargo's corporate headquarters for crimes against the American public; from setting up bogus accounts, to illegally repossessing 413 American solider's cars, to firing 5,300 employees coerced to engaging in fraud against bank customers, and the list of alleged fraud and crime is endless. (Photo by Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

A rebellion is brewing to rein in predatory account management practices in the U.S. banking industry.

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Beyond Prayer: The Black Church, Protest, and Progression

black church revolution

“Let the world protest. The job of the church is to pray. Pray he succeeds. Pray that he doesn’t fail. We don’t have anybody in place to take over. Humble themselves and pray.”
~Donnie McClurkin on Donald Trump

Inquiry is Great, but No Panacea


The solution to our education woes is not iPads in every classroom, it’s not the replacement curriculum to Common Core, it’s not more testing, or less testing, and it’s not even some idealistic instructional approach like Montessori, Vygotsky, Inquiry, or anything else. If we want better education for our children, we need more, better teachers.

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