The Election will soon be over; the madness won’t be

Oh yeah, what about Foreign Policy Turmoil

15 years after 911, with the passing of the Patriot act, the Snowden exposures, the indignity and inefficiency of the TSA, the US seems no where near the safety they claim to seek, and no where near a consensus on how to achieve safety.

American politics has poked a stick at Russia at being behind wikileaks (without much evidence) and has blamed China for “currency manipulation” and dumping cheap goods on too-stupid-to-look-after-their-own-interest American consumers.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt are all in various forms of turmoil. The Palestinian/Israeli dispute isn’t closer to a resolution. The US has got friends and enemies angry over how Obama handled Iran. The Eurozone staving off it’s banking / sovereign debt crisis, with the challenges to the Euro, coupled with the refugee crisis, are part of the forces leading to Brexit and the aftermath.

Buckle up, USA. The saga is only reaching a new chapter.

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