The Election will soon be over; the madness won’t be

This Election’s Hangover is Going to Be Brutal!

Amid daily “October Surprises” and the threat of “November Nukes” potentially throwing this election into even more turmoil than we’ve already endured, those who have hunkered down, gotten off of social media until after the election, or de-friended those whose views they find completely unpalatable, are going to find the situation isn’t going to improve November 9th—or anytime soon. This election’s hangover is going to be brutal.

Why? We have systemic problems that led to this disaster of an election. Problems not likely handled by a President elected in such a divisive you-have-to-elect-me-or the devil wins fashion. The losers will be butt hurt. The winners will find they formed a coalition with people who actually can’t stand the new President.

The following are top Problems (not in a any order) we here at National Monitor expect to keep reliving this election trauma over and over again, and to keep our writing staff cranking out opinions from all angles.

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