Trump can’t Ride in the Middle Lane into the White House


        Donald Trump rose against all odds to clinch the Republican ticket for a chance to fly the contest in the general elections. Interestingly, Trump personifies everything that could be wrong with a presidential candidate – he is loud, brash, egoistic, vain, and prone to being misunderstood because of a consistent mismatch […]

Three Times Golden Age Rappers Nailed It And Black Pastors Missed It


Too Bad We Didn’t Listen When Foreknowing Rappers Warned Us

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Whoever Wins in November, The Cuban Embargo Must End Immediately

Raul Castro and President Obama. Image via commons.wikimedia.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both sided with Obama’s opening toward Cuba, even though with different degree of enthusiasm. Regardless of who will sit in the Oval Office, and despite the possible antagonism of the Congress, the embargo has to end as soon as possible, unless the US wants to live in the past forever.

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