It is time for Hillary to step out from behind the curtain

It is time for Hillary to step out from behind the curtain

Ms. Clinton should be willing to face the press and answer hard questions about the scandals, if she wants to be presidential.

Hillary Clinton is running the perfect campaign for a front-runner.  Keep your head low, stay on script, and don’t give the opposition anything that can be turned into a “gotcha” moment, that could be used in negative campaign ads.

It’s not like she isn’t promoting her agenda for her presidency, for she is clearly articulating the way she views the future of America, and how she plans to lead the government.  It may shift a little in one way or the other, depending on the audience to which she is speaking at the time, but that again, is the way of the political world, and everybody knows and expects it.

But to some, Ms. Clinton’s carefully scripted remarks at campaign rallies and fundraisers call into question whether the words coming from the candidate’s mouth are her own, or is someone else pulling the strings and feeding the right buzz words and phrases.  Sort of like the famous “man behind the curtain” in the Wizard of Oz.

Ms. Clinton’s last press conference was held in December of 2015.  Since then, she has done quite a few interviews with the news media, but most of the questions she was asked were trivial in nature, and provided in advance to allow her to prepare her answers.

She hasn’t faced the kinds of tough question an inquiring press room would ask, and she hasn’t had to deal with any antagonists during any type of briefing situation, as a sitting president would be required to do from time to time.  Makes one wonder how well she would fare in that kind of setting.

I suspect many of you just recalled the famous “What difference does it make at this point?” response after reading that last sentence.

Still, I would imagine she would do very well.  She is a veteran politician, seasoned for years as First Lady of Arkansas and the US, Senator from New York, and former Secretary of State.  But president is quite a step up from any of those, and the ultimate responsibility for the nation rests on those shoulders.

In years past, investigative journalists would be hounding any president at any press conference, but those days are fading, as most so-called journalists would prefer to foster their own agenda, and grab the current headline, as opposed to actually doing a thorough investigation.

Then again, dealing with the hostile press is not the same as negotiating with foreign heads of state, often hostile as well.  Those skills require being able to stand firm when necessary, compromise when required, and make decisions and craft responses immediately.

If Ms. Clinton is unwilling to answer questions from a mostly-supportive press corps for fear of making a campaign mistake, will she be able to sit down at the negotiating table with foreign dignitaries and representatives, with firm resolve, as the leader of the free world?

The American public deserves to know the answer to that question.  Ms. Clinton should pull back the curtain and let the people see if she is indeed the wizard, or just an apparition.

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