How Italy is Emptying Its Abortion Law

Women manifesting in Italy to defend their right to abortion. Image by Antonella Beccaria via under licence CC 2.0

Italy has on paper a liberal abortion law. Yet, in practice it is becoming more and more complicated for women to terminate their pregnancy, and the number of illegal abortions is reportedly increasing. Religious beliefs and political weakness when it comes to defending this constitutional right of women are keeping Italy in the Dark Ages of reproductive rights.

The Road to Brexit 2017

Theresa May, UK PM, promised to invoke Article 50 by end of March 2017. Image by commons.wikimedia

After months of push-pull, Theresa May finally announced that the Brexit procedure will officially start by the end of March 2017. But it is too early for the hard-core Euroskeptics to start their celebration: with a population less and less favorable to abandon the EU, a conflictual Cabinet, and a PM whose positions are still to be clarified, the UK stance on Brexit is far from being done and dusted.

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