Other than fulfilling a campaign promise, Trump’s immigration ban is completely worthless

Other than fulfilling a campaign promise, Trump’s immigration ban is completely worthless

The President is making good on his campaign promise, but his immigration ban will accomplish little in the war against terrorism.

Citing national security reasons, President Donald Trump issued a temporary ban for immigrants from certain Muslim-majority countries, wishing to enter the United States, and as one would imagine, created a whirlwind of controversy in the media and ruffled the feathers of Democrats and those on the left.

Despite similar bans having been instituted by previous presidents, this one is being portrayed as an attack on all people of all faiths, and particularly Syrian refugees, fleeing that country’s bloody civil war.  Some are making it sound as if refugees will be snatched off planes as they attempt to arrive in the US and locked away in maximum security prisons for the rest of their days on Earth, but that’s just a little extreme.

The President counters that the ban is temporary and only in place until a more efficient vetting process can be formulated that would determine whether any of the immigrants are actually radical jihadists, on a mission to destroy the American way of life.

A more rational look at the ban would reveal that a better system of identifying those who wish to do harm to Americans should be a desirable thing.  Trump called for increased vetting during his campaign, and even Hillary Clinton, the queen of the left and the darling of the media, said the same thing during her campaign.

The problem is the ban is somewhat misplaced.  It has become more and more obvious that ISIS and Al-Qaeda radicals are not just ignorant gunslingers, randomly firing automatic weapons in the air, as is sometimes seen in TV newsreel footage.  Their leaders are capable of pulling off massive attacks on major cities across the world, with precise planning and utmost secrecy.

The leaders of the movement know full well they can’t load all their army on a ship, pull into a port at Miami, and march across the United States, toppling state governments as they go.  A conventional war with America is not even being considered.  Their only hope of success in American is to attack from within the country’s borders, inflicting casualties along the way, and disrupting American life, goods, and services.

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