After Eighteen Months, The Resistance and the Press Still Don’t Get It

After Eighteen Months, The Resistance and the Press Still Don’t Get It

It was never about Trump the man, it was about changing the country's direction.

It has been eighteen months since that fateful night when the unthinkable became a reality, that Donald Trump actually succeeded toppling the Democrats and their heir-apparent Hillary Clinton from the Office of the Presidency.  Yet still, those on the left and much of the mainstream media and press are still waging a battle of resistance against Trump and his office, while in many ways, the country seems to be improving.

You can argue all day that Trump’s successes, both domestic and international, were built on foundations laid by the former President, but even the staunchest Obama supporters would have to admit Trump hasn’t exactly followed the blueprint that was drawn up by the previous administration.  The current administration usually shoulders the blame and/or the credit for what is happening today in most president’s tenure in office.

A just released study has reported that some 91 percent of Trump’s press coverage has been negative, not at all surprising if you watch cable news of read any news magazines.  But his public approval rating, while not great, but still lingers at or about the same point as it was in the first days of his presidency, despite all the brow-beating by the press.

But, the point they are missing is that while Trump was duly and fairly elected under the rules of our Constitution, the majority of American public didn’t vote to elect Trump, they chose to elect someone other than the party elites that had been running the country for so long.  They voted for change when Obama ran in 2008, but after eight years of failed promises and outright lies, the nation again voted for change.  This time they rejected a continuation of the policies and programs that were failing them under President Obama.  They perceived Ms. Clinton as continuing down the same road.

And they voted against the established party candidates.  Trump not only won the November election, but he steamrolled his traditional Republican opponents to win his party’s nomination as well.  Voters were tired of partisan politics and Washingtonian gridlocked legislatures.  They still wanted the change they voted for but didn’t get in 2008.

Two quick stories; in one, a black family had a blow-out on an interstate in the south, and the first person to stop and offer assistance was a young white man, wearing a rebel flag t-shirt, who changed the tire for them to get them safely on their way.  In the other, a white friend of mine and his wife were driving when she became ill and they had to stop on the roadside for a bit while she recovered.  The first person to stop and offer assistance was a black man.

This is our America; not the nation you see on television and the one you hear about from politicians and those who profit from spreading division.  These are the people that voted in 2016, not for Trump, but for a change in our nation’s leadership.

These are the people that will be voting in 2018 and 2020, not for a man or a woman, but for a leader.  Someone that can improve the living conditions for all Americans.  Someone that can make life better for all races, genders, religious persuasions, sexual orientations, and country of origins, not just for certain identity political groups that are currently the popular thing to do.

Someone who will give all Americans the thing they most desire, the opportunity to succeed, to build a life for themselves and their families.  They don’t care if they are right or left, black or white, or male or female.  Just someone who can make it better.

That is what the Resistance and the press should be desiring as well.

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