It’s Clear From the Debate Stage, the Democratic Candidates Just Don’t Get It

It’s Clear From the Debate Stage, the Democratic Candidates Just Don’t Get It

The country wants to hear about the candidates' plans for the future, not their despair over the 2016 election.

Last night’s Democratic Presidential Debate reassured the American voters of one thing, that the Democrats don’t like President Trump and want to get him out of office.  Hardy a bombshell notion, since they have touted that premise since he was elected in 2016.

The vast majority of the questioning from a panel of Democratic supporters masquerading as journalists were concerned with just that.  What will you do to make sure Trump doesn’t get reelected and what can you possibly do to punish him after he has left office?

And that is precisely where the campaign to defeat Trump is going wrong.  The voters are less concerned with where Trump is with the country at this moment in time and more worried about where the country is headed in the future, whether or not it is being led by the Left or the Right.

The party that is out of the White House in an election cycle has an opportunity to speak with the public about improving things and issues that the voters are concerned about.  Yet, the Democratic candidates seem to focus on one subject, removing Trump from office, sending him to prison, and overturning the last election.

The voters know they already have the power to remove Trump from his seat in the Oval Office.  They can do it at the ballot box, the same way they expressed their willingness to turn from the direction in which Obama and Clinton were headed.  And with the election less than a year away, the voters would much rather their elected representatives focus on the issues and problems facing the country and spend less time in trying to overturn the last election.

Sen. Bernie Sanders made the point last night when he replied to a question by saying if the candidates allow themselves to be consumed by Trump, they will lose the upcoming election.  Sanders correctly pointed out that the public outside of the political balloon are worried about things like climate change, homelessness, and rising insurance and health care costs.

This doesn’t mean that the voters don’t care about corruption in government, but they think, as Sanders put it, “…Congress can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time.”  They believe Trump’s indiscretions and bad behavior should be investigated and he should be punished if convicted, but also that it should not be the only thing that gets the attention of Congress, or the Democratic nominee in 2020.

The voters are tired of hearing the famous “I have a plan” statements from politicians on both sides.  They want to get into the meat and potatoes of the “plan,” how it will impact them and how the “plan” is going to be paid for.  They are asking for vague statements like “some people will pay more in taxes” and “my plan will help the middle class” to be clarified as to how it affects their individual lives and livelihoods.

Instead, they are bombarded with “Trump is bad” charges, and implications that all the problems the country has can be eliminated by simply removing him from office.  Voters are not so naïve that they can’t remember the time before Trump was elected when we were facing many of the same problems and issues that are troubling them today.

For the Democrats to have a chance at winning the Presidency in 2020, they must focus on the problems at hand that we have been struggling with for decades. Things like immigration reform, rising housing and education costs, gun violence, and so forth.  That’s what the voters are listening for.

They already know how to remove a President if he or she is unfit to continue in office, on they feel they aren’t getting the job done.  It’s using the ballot box.  And it’s the way a constitutional republic works.  Or at least, it’s supposed to.

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