Democrats Pushing for Early Impeachment Against Trump May See Their Plans Backfire

Democrats Pushing for Early Impeachment Against Trump May See Their Plans Backfire

Some may wonder why some Democrats are introducing impeachment charges before the Mueller investigation issues its reports.

It didn’t take long.  According to news reports, California Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman is saying he plans to re-introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump on the first day of the new Congressional session.  Sherman is one of three House Democrats that introduced resolutions to impeach Trump back in 2017.

He plans to continue his pursuit of impeachment despite Democratic leadership’s tepid response to the issue at this point in time.  And the truth is, even Sherman sort of admits the notion is a bit premature.  He told CNN Thursday his goal was to force the conversation on impeachment when the results of the Mueller investigation come to light, probably a few months down the road.

He is insisting the move is not a political one, reminding everyone that he also introduced resolutions back in 2017, far removed from a campaign date, but since the Mueller investigation is still ongoing, it may appear to many on both sides of the aisle to be just that.

Even soon-to-be Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, while not ruling out impeachment charges, didn’t exactly endorse Sherman’s moves, adopting a more of a wait and see posture.  Pelosi reportedly told NBC the House shouldn’t be impeaching for a purely political reason but added neither should they avoid the impeachment for political reasons as well.

Still, it would seem prudent to have some evidence in hand before wasting time on resolutions at this point.  Certainly, should Mueller’s investigation uncover “high crimes and misdemeanors” committed by Trump, there would be no lack of impetus for charging him in the Halls of Congress, or anywhere else.  You could be certain he would be tried and re-tried in the mainstream media, so it kind of seems redundant to be wasting resources at this date.

The Democrats over-played their hand in the recent Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh nomination process and came across to much of the voting public as just being the Resistance and against anything and everything Trump proposed.  While it may not have hurt them in the mid-terms, you can be sure the Republicans will be reminding the voters of these tactics in 2020.

The government shutdown over border wall funding could also taint the Democrats, if they appear to be just obstructionists.  They appear to be drawing a line in the sand over an issue that many of them actually supported before Trump proposed it.  This is not a good look for anyone, when it is perceived as flip-flopping just because the other side suggested it.

Trump has repeatedly called the Mueller investigation a “witch hunt,” and if only minor violations, or no charges at all, come from the months, years, and dollars of digging, it will be a hard sell to convince the public the process was worthwhile.

In the meantime, issues like border security, DACA, and healthcare costs that are on the voters’ minds everyday continue to languish in Congressional gridlock.  A lot of people would likely be asking why the Democrats are spending time on premature impeachment charges instead of working on the problems like these, if they are not merely being the Resistance.

Rep. Sherman may insist his motives are not political, but they sure smell like they are just another partisan anti-Trump attack.  The resolution might carry a lot more weight if only there were some real evidence to back up the charges.

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