Chaosis, the Precursor to Change

Chaosis, the Precursor to Change

“Our own resistance to “unpleasantness” restricts our movement” ~Erykah Badu

In life we are presented with moments and opportunities that challenge us. They appear to be obstacles systematically placed in our path to hinder our desired progress. In the midst of these circumstances, things may seem bleak and the odds insurmountable. Yet these are the magic moments when seeds of dreams are sown and divine connections are made. It is in these times that we are able to to see the divinity of life and how all things can work together of those who believe.

No death or loss or challenge can keep a dream sown on good ground from springing forth. To the contrary, these unpleasant experiences often fertilize the said dream. When we are able to look beyond the veil, the power of the unpleasantness can be revealed.

History has shown that lack, in its various forms, can be a precursor to the miraculous. Especially when it seems that all is lost and evil has prevailed. It is in these times that faith must be the guide, and inspired action remain the goal. This is particularly true in this age of chaosis and uncertainty.

As we continue to move through 2018, bound for 2019 and beyond, no matter what it looks like, keep the faith. The only thing certain in this life is change, and nothing stays the same. Pressing forward in politics and social justice requires it, as demonstrated by our forebears.

And if this midterm election cycle has taught us anything, it is that this too shall pass. It has proven that the light reveals itself after the darkest moments. So in the presumed wins and supposed losses, keep your sights set on the ultimate goal.

In the words of 1850s Unitarian minister Theodore Parker, made famous by 1960s Baptist minister Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. The future is filled with uncertainty, but so is the present, and through it all, let faith be our guide.

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