Why Attorney General Sessions is Wrong About Filing Suit Against California’s Immigration Laws

Why Attorney General Sessions is Wrong About Filing Suit Against California’s Immigration Laws

AG Jeff Sessions is wasting government time and money in suing California over its immigration policy.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced yesterday the Trump administration’s Justice Department is filing lawsuits against the State of California over its so-called sanctuary laws, and what the AG called dangerous obstruction of federal laws.

Of course, California officials, including Governor Jerry Brown, fired back defiantly, vowing to fight the fed intrusion into California, accusing the AG of engaging in a political stunt and making wild accusations.  In an ironically surprising show of stereotypical thinking, the Governor also derided Sessions by calling him out as a “fellow from Alabama talking to us about secession and protecting human and civil rights.”  Seems the Civil War still rages in parts of California as well.

The state has passed three laws in recent months to limit the efforts of ICE officials in California, including laws that require ICE officials to obtain a subpoena to examine local firms’ employment records, limiting the state and local law enforcement agencies ability to share information with ICE, and giving the state more involvement in the immigration centers located within the its borders.

So, California isn’t exactly making it impossible for ICE to function in the state, but just making it a little harder for them to do their jobs.  Having said that, the mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, issued a warning last week that ICE was planning a series of arrests in Northern California, a move that seems to go a little above and beyond the intent of the California laws.

But Sessions and the Trump administration are taking the wrong tact in California’s refusal to help ICE agents do the job tasked to them by the federal government.  We should just allow California become the sanctuary state for illegal immigrants instead.

Obviously, we have a problem with a criminal element in those who are coming to America illegally.  That is something on which we can most agree, while admitting there are millions of law-abiding immigrants living and working in the US.

And our deportation policy for the criminal element is apparently not working well at all.  The perception from news media reports is that the only successful deportations are ones that separate families that have been in the US for a decade of more and have committed no crimes.  The criminal element illegal immigrants appear to be taken to their home countries, but because of our porous southern border, get back into the country before the ICE agents who deported them can.

There are reports of criminals that have been deported as many as a dozen times, yet are still being arrested in the US.

So, instead of taking them back to their home countries, we should just take them to California, where they will be met with open arms, given state-issued ID cards and driver’s licenses, allowed to sign up for state unemployment, and provided with free health care.  Why would they ever want to leave?

Let the state of California become the “Illegal Immigrant State.”  Let the illegals vote in the next presidential election.  California is going to be a blue state anyway. Does it matter if the Dems win at 85% or at 99.5%?  Same number of electoral votes.

Of course, the legislature of California should not expect the taxpayers of all the other states to help fund this initiative.  Nor should the Federal Government provide funding, since California opted to not participate in Federal Immigration Policy.

Forget the lawsuits.  California is making their own bed.  Let’s see how the state’s citizens like lying in it.

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