Based On Their Behavior at the SOTU Address, Dems May Want to Have a Strategy Meeting

Based On Their Behavior at the SOTU Address, Dems May Want to Have a Strategy Meeting

The Democrats in Congress came off looking like The Resistance at the SOTU, and it likely turned a lot of independent voters away.

Wow!  That’s about the only way to accurately describe the performance of the Congressional Democrats who attended the State of the Union address given by President Trump.  It has become expected of the opposition party to refuse to applaud or stand in recognition of statements by the sitting President, but this demonstration took it to a whole new level.

Before we get all partisan here, I dutifully acknowledge the Republican members of Congress refused to celebrate most of President Obama’s comments in his speeches, but for the most part, when something was said promoting good things happening for America in general, the GOP members applauded and even stood, however grudgingly.

But this time, the Democrats refused to even share in the good things that have happened in the past year, simply, one must surmise, because of their hatred of the man holding the office.  The other reasons are unthinkable.

How can anyone not be pleased with the results in the war against ISIS and terrorism?  How can anyone, regardless of race and political affiliation, not celebrate the fact the minority unemployment is at or near an all-time low?  Especially the Black Caucus, which one would believe was certainly one of their cherished goals.

The Democrats could not even muster a smile when President Trump offered to compromise on DACA by offering a path to citizenship for a greater number than even the Democrats had asked for.  Judging by the looks on their faces, the Democrat members of Congress looked as if they were sitting on a throne of razors, and the slightest movement would cause a deeper cut and more pain.

As the night went on, it became more and more evident the only platform the Democratic Party has is the removal of Trump from office and obstruction of any policy he puts forth, at any cost.  Even if it is a policy for which they have previously championed.  They aren’t happy about economic prosperity, immigration reform, stopping terrorism and so on.  So exactly what would make them happy?

I will concede that Trump is not a polished political player at this point, but it would be hard to argue with the success of his administration up to now.  Much of what you see coming from the left focuses on the character of the man, rather than the impact of his policies.

But, unlike political parties and media experts, the average American focuses on results much more so than campaign promises or even moral judgements.  Even the left.  Bill Clinton is generally viewed as a very good if not great president, but few would list him as a moral icon.  Jimmy Carter and George Bush were probably as moral as any presidents, but most would view their administrations as lacking, to say the least.

Hillary Clinton ran her campaign against Trump mostly with a strategy of making her seem a more proper fit for the presidency, and, guess what?  It failed.  It appears, from the behavior of the Democrats at the SOTU that they haven’t learned from that.

The country wants results.  Taking a message to the voters that Trump is evil may make the Democrats feel superior, but will not likely dissuade any voters who are seeing more money in their paychecks, and more jobs and opportunities in their neighborhoods.

The Democratic Party needs to have a strategy meeting to find a platform that can be presented to the American voters that will make them believe their candidates are working for all Americans, not just the individual identity groups.

If they don’t, those seats may get a lot more uncomfortable than they appeared to be at the SOTU.

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