Trump and the National Anthem; Here We Go Again

Trump and the National Anthem; Here We Go Again

The economy is growing, unemployment is dropping, taxes are going down, but all we hear is that Trump is a bad man.

At the start of last night’s College Football National Championship game in Atlanta, the network camera panned to President Donald Trump while the National Anthem was being played and sung.  Trump appeared to be singing along and for whatever reason, paused singing for a moment.

My wife and I were watching and she immediately responded that someone was going to get on the news and claim that the President didn’t know the words to the song and we would be hearing a lot about it over the next few days.  Lo and behold, she was right again.

Trump haters seized the moment as if it were a matter of national importance and began filling the airways and social media with claims of dementia, absent-mindedness, or he was just plain crazy, making the conclusion from that incident the President was unfit for office.

Don’t get me wrong, Donald Trump has said and done a number things that make me question whether he thinks like a normal person would, but let’s get real.  No one could discern from Trump’s actions at the game that he was any less mentally unstable than any of the rest of us.

But taken in context with his other seemingly confusing actions, you say, we can deduce that he is not quite all there.  But believe me, I have seen other politicians, pundits, and especially Twitter users say, write, and post even more wild and crazy things that have more than a few times caused me to doubt their sanity.

In fact, we see it almost every day.  So, is Trump any crazier or mentally unstable than any of the rest of us?  In the past few months alone, we have seen claims that millions will die if net neutrality is rolled back and millions more from the Republican tax reform bill.   Specifically, the tax reform bill was called “Armageddon” and the worst piece of legislation to ever be considered in the Congress.  Really, you can’t think of one bill that was worse in over 200 years?

And that is why the general public is getting tired of the Left’s wild assertions and the misleading headlines of the mainstream media.  The hyperbole over every minute action taken by Trump and his family are hoisted up the news flagpole, in a never-ending quest to de-legitimize his Presidency, paint Trump as a wicked man who is snatching babies from their mothers and throwing them over the wall to Mexico and trying to turn the Earth into a burning cinder by thwarting the efforts of activist climatologists who insist they have all the answers.

The only thing missing from all this narrative is actual evidence of wrong-doing, or even evil intentions, of which we are promised will be revealed in the next big thing, coming soon.  But it seems soon never arrives.

So, without any facts to support the argument, the Left turns to the only thing they have, which is name calling and derogatory remarks.  What is wrong with Trump, you ask the Left?  They answer, he is evil, racist and sexist.  Give some examples, you say.  They counter with it is obvious and you are also evil, racist and sexist if you can’t see it.

OK, what else?  He is mentally unstable and unfit for office.  Examples, please.  He tweets weird things, tells lies, and looks confused.  See the paragraph above about the comments from the Left on the tax bill.

Trump doesn’t act like a politician, they counter.  No, he doesn’t.  And that is a good part of the reason he was elected in the first place.  Maybe voters believe it’s time to remove some of the think-alike politicians and put some normal people in their places.

Trump has been in office over a year, and I haven’t heard of the millions dying in the streets as yet.  Maybe if we gave him a real chance, who knows?

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