If Deplorable Wasn’t Bad Enough, The Left Now is Saying All Who Disagree are White Supremacists

If Deplorable Wasn’t Bad Enough, The Left Now is Saying All Who Disagree are White Supremacists

Leveling the charge of being a white supremacist is the new insult for those who disagree with someone's politics, and the overuse of the phrase may not have the desired effect.

You would have thought the Left would have learned a lesson from Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, that being lumping all of the people that don’t march in lockstep with your own ideology with a disparaging moniker doesn’t bring them around to your way of thinking.  But here we go again.

Now, anyone who doesn’t pledge complete loyalty to the Progressive mantra has suddenly become labeled as white supremacist.  In some cases, even black Republicans are being outed as in-the-closet white supremacists.  It’s almost to the point that anyone who is white is a white supremacist, if they speak openly and voice their own opinion.  Or simply question the Left’s ideas of a perfect nation.

Here’s a little thought.  A lot of those near-center voters who pulled the lever or marked the ballot for Trump in the last election, who Ms. Clinton called “a basket of deplorables,” took the insult to mean they were less than equal to the Clinton campaign supporters, because they questioned whether she would have made a good President.  Many were likely swayed to vote against her.

We don’t like being insulted.  And that has no racial or class boundaries.  People don’t like to be told they are in a lower class, even if they realize it is probably true.  It is just human nature to resent the insult and the one doing the insulting.

When you bandy about the charge of white supremacy just because someone disagrees with your political persuasion, you not only belittle the one whom you are insulting, but you bring a sort of legitimacy to the real white supremacists that exist in the country by making them feel as if they are more mainstream than they actually are.

And there are white supremacists in America today.  Another nugget. There are black supremacists, Asian supremacists, Muslim supremacists and so on.  Racism does exist, but racism is not the reason for every disagreement.

When one’s argument is not strong enough to stand on its on merit, one typically resorts to insults as a way to intimidate one’s opponent.  If you can’t make your case with reason and facts, you turn to name calling to shame your rival into backing down.

Calling someone a racist or a white supremacist makes headline news, whether it is true or not.  But, overuse of the terms leads to apathy from the public, and masks actual racism and white supremacists in the crowd.  Continually claiming racism without presenting facts actually lowers the public’s outrage, the same way as the little boy who cried wolf.

If you have evidence of racist actions, present them, and persist until they are confronted.  Don’t post insults on social media without evidence.  But remember, the fact that you didn’t get what you wanted is not necessarily always due to racism, nor is the fact that someone disagrees with your policies.

White supremacists in America are a tiny fringe group, as are neo-Nazis and other hate groups.  Acting as if there is one hiding behind every lamp post emboldens fringe hate groups into believing they have strong support from everyday Americans.  Even the Deplorables don’t what that to happen.

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