Are we seeing a new movement in American politics?

Are we seeing a new movement in American politics?

True working-class Americans are becoming a strong voice in American politics, moving the country towards a more centered position.

These people aren’t concerned about how much you want to tax the rich, they are concerned about how much they have to spend from their own pockets.  They don’t want to become a dependent of the all-powerful government, spewing regulations, and telling them how they must live their lives to conform to national policy.  They are the true backbone of America.

Progressives like to call them racist and homophobic, because they don’t agree with all the social programs favored by the more enlightened.  But the truth is, they are less racist and have less animosity towards those different from them because they live among and work with all races, faiths and lifestyles every day, not just at political gatherings, where representatives of different races are strategically placed in the crowd to appear balanced.

The rich own politics, as evidenced by the recent elections.  Billions of dollars were spent to from the top on down, to run for a political office, and all those candidates are at least in some way beholden to their financial supporters, since they will need to continue to have their support for re-election in the coming years. It is no longer true that any American can grow up to be president.

But the winds are shifting slightly, and a new rumble is being felt in the nation’s inner sanctum.  People are tired of politics and politicians in particular.  They want an outsider to clean things up and upset the status quo.  Congressional approval ratings bear this out and neither side is winning that battle.

The rejection of the Clinton political dynasty may be the first shot fired, signaling that the working-class is ready to see things change in Washington.

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