Are we seeing a new movement in American politics?

Are we seeing a new movement in American politics?

True working-class Americans are becoming a strong voice in American politics, moving the country towards a more centered position.

Democrat versus Republican, Progressive versus Conservative.  That’s what American politics has been centered around for the last several decades, but the seems to be a groundswell of a more centered movement beginning to take shape across the political landscape.

The upset victory by Donald Trump has brought to light a previously unheard of group of voters the media has named “uneducated white men,” and many are saying Trump’s win was pulled off by this block of voters.

Of course, the term “uneducated white men” brings to most educated persons and the elitists a picture of hillbilly Appalachia, with lazy men gathered around the barnyard, sipping from a jug and smoking a corncob pipe, like the old skits on Hee-Haw.

But in reality, this group is quite different, and the failure to realize that just may have cost Clinton and the Democrats a presidency.

In this case, the uneducated means non-college educated men, not those who failed to complete high school and only live in backwoods America.  This group includes a lot of people, male and female, black, white and Latino, who, felt that college was either unaffordable or just not right for them.  These people went to work fresh out of high school, or attended a trade-school, and achieved a different type of education, one that they use to build their lives and support their families.

These are auto mechanics, heating and air conditioning maintenance personnel, plumbers, painters, and yes, even barbers and cosmetologists.  They are small business owners, specialty store operators, food service providers and, in short, those people on which those with college educations commonly depend to keep their lifestyles going.

In other words, these people are true working-class Americans that you hear so much about from the Progressives.  Except, the Progressives so rarely venture out of their big-city offices they fail to comprehend exactly what comprises the true working class in the country.

These people are actually living pay-check to pay-check, without a savings plan and a cushion on which to fall if they fail to make ends meet at the end of the month.  These people cannot afford to absorb an additional $200-$300 a month in increased healthcare coverage.  These people cannot survive a $5000 deductible incurred due to getting sick or hurt in an accident.

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