How did it come to this? Now the shoe is on the Democrat’s foot

How did it come to this?  Now the shoe is on the Democrat’s foot

How could a major political party allow someone with so much history of corruption and scandal become their presidential candidate?

Over the past several months, a great deal has been written about Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential candidate, and how the GOP has become so fractured and dysfunctional as to allow a person such as him to receive the party’s nomination.

Well, looks as if the worm has now turned and many of the same people are wondering what has happened to the Democratic Party that has allowed a scandal-plagued candidate such as Hillary Clinton to be their representative in the same election cycle.

The flood of Wikileaked e-mails that, although containing no smoking guns as of yet, have done what seems to be a great deal of harm to Secretary Clinton’s already tarnished reputation, seem to enforce the opinion that the entire Democratic National Committee has been in on the project for quite some time.

And there are even hints of media compliance in raising the former First Lady to the top spot, what with questions being leaked to her campaign before town hall events and debates.

The American public has just about reached a saturation point with the corruption and back-stabbing politics, and is beginning to question not only the Democrat’s staff, but everyone connected with the Clintons in any way.

We always knew this type of thing was running rampant in Washington, but it was kind of like we just didn’t want to listen and just turned our heads.  But now, with it being played out even in the mainstream media on 24-hour news cycles, and more damning hints and allegations surfacing with each new dump, we can no longer ignore it and we must take notice.

It’s kind of like walking in on your parents making love.  You knew they had to be doing it, but as long as you had no proof, you could just go on your merry way.  Once exposed, you can’t un-ring the bell and the truth must be faced.

Sure, the Democrats are attacking FBI Director James Comey and blaming all the Wikileaks on the Russians trying to influence the American election, but one thing you aren’t hearing are denials or statements saying the documents are false.  And even if you question Comey’s timing on the re-opening of the investigation, all this would have been avoided if the subject emails had been simply released when they were subpoenaed.

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