The answers I wish I had heard in the last Presidential Debate

The answers I wish I had heard in the last Presidential Debate

Most of the responses in the latest debate didn't go very far in answering the questions the American voters wanted to know about.

And with regard to the Syrian refugees, why is the goal to find a place for the refugees to go, instead of making Syria a safe place for them to stay?  I wanted someone to say we plan to work with all international factions, even including Russia and Iran, to disarm both Assad and the rebels, and allow the Syrian people to live in peace in their own country.  That is what most of the Syrian refugees want as well.

Taxing the rich to pay for social programs to create income equality has been the battle cry of the left for quite a while, but what good does it do to raise taxes on the wealthy if you leave tax shelters and dodges that the wealthy can use to avoid paying any tax at all (see Donald Trump)?  You can tax them at 80 percent, but if they still have loopholes, the tax rate is on paper only.

I wanted to hear someone say raising taxes for any income group isn’t the answer, nor is cutting taxes.  Cutting spending by a bloated, ever-expanding government and reforming the tax code to make sure all citizens, at any income level, pay their fair share of taxes is the way to reduce not only the deficit, but the national debt as well.

Secretary Clinton offered this, when speaking about a woman’s right to an abortion, “The government has no business in the decisions that women make with their families in accordance with their faith, with medical advice.”

I wanted to hear someone say that logic should apply to other forms of government interference in local schools, businesses and regulatory oversight as well.

Trump finally said he condemned the hacked (i.e., stolen) information contained in the Wikileaks releases, if it was indeed done by the Russians, but it didn’t matter to me if it was the Russians, the Chinese, or the local high school computer class.  The information was illegally obtained, and any type of hacking (stealing) should be condemned by everyone.

I wanted someone to say the information, since it was now out there anyway, was not true, but I didn’t hear that either.

Both candidates dodged the questions asked and resorted to campaign rhetoric.  The American voters deserved better.

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