Two debates in and the voters are not getting any help from the candidates to make their election decision

Two debates in and the voters are not getting any help from the candidates to make their election decision

Enough of the name calling. The American public wants the candidates to say specifically how they are planning to fix the problems and issues facing the nation over the coming years.

Round two of the 2016 Presidential debates is in the books and most commentators seem to agree that neither candidate actually won the debate, Donald Trump came out slightly ahead, simply because his campaign had such a disastrous week, and yet he is still in the hunt.

Few are saying that Trump gained any votes with his performance, but most acknowledge he held on to his base, and did not receive the knockout blow that the Dems were hoping to deliver.  Of course the Democratic Party leaders and a few of Clinton’s staunchest supports in the media saw it differently, but the same is to be said on the Republican side.  Most analysis tends to reinforce what you already believed, and neither candidate changed many minds, if any.

The debate stage is not kind to Donald Trump.  He lacks the polish that one expects from career politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, and he apparently does little to prepare for such an event.  Even his body language would surely be off-putting to some undecided voters, as he was seen scowling and pacing in the background as Ms. Clinton was speaking, and as in the first debate, interrupted her on numerous occasions.

These actions seem to reinforce his reputation as a “bully,” and may even be seen to voters as to be condescending to women, although he scowled and interrupted his way through the Republican Primary debates when facing male counterparts as well.

Secretary Clinton was not without her body language drawbacks, though.  Her smirk whenever Trump talked about her e-mail scandal and her lack of prosecution for her mishandling of classified material seemed to give the air of being above all that, one of the many reasons she is so unpopular with many Americans.

But Trump had many opportunities to clear the air about his positions on many of the issues, but again, as in the first debate, chose to focus on defending himself with most of his time and spent too much time attacking Secretary Clinton instead of explaining why his policies were better than hers.

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