The United Nations Will Comply Or Crumble

Trump has questioned if the US should de-fund the UN in protest to its lack of effectiveness and in light of the United Nations draft resolution. This is an Egyptian-sponsored resolution that would condemn Israeli housing construction in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank. The resolution referred to the settlement as a “flagrant violation […]

Will Trump pardon Edward Snowden?

Though Donald Trump tweeted back in 2014 that Edward Snowden should be executed, Trump should consider pardoning him. If Trump is not going to go after Hillary Clinton (like he promised) he should re-consider what he said about Snowden. Here are Snowden’s words in response during an interview with Katie Couric: “I wonder when it is […]

Trump “takes aim” at the First Amendment?

Oh Liberal Media, defender of the constitution. Where were you when Barrack Obama mandated health insurance for us all? Where were you when Obama listed on his website that he supported the idea of a permanent ban on certain weapons? Where were you when Democrats tried to push the Fairness Doctrine limiting free speech on […]