Conservatives Now Know Why We Can’t Understand the Democrat’s Message; We Just Aren’t Smart Enough

Conservatives Now Know Why We Can’t Understand the Democrat’s Message; We Just Aren’t Smart Enough

Democrats explain why conservatives just don't get the Progressive message.

For quite some time, conservatives and Republicans have struggled to understand the message being put out by the Democrats.  In fact, we aren’t even sure there is a message being put out, despite being told many times by the other side that such a message exists, and it is sure to resonate with voters in 2020.

This week, a couple of prominent Democrats has shed some light on our inability to grasp the message from the Party.  We just aren’t smart enough to understand it.  Now, if you were just talking about me, you may have a pretty good point, but from what I can see, there are some pretty smart people on the right side of the fence as well.  I kinda believe one or two of them could sort of grasp the message if it was explained to the rest of us.

First, it was Senator Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, who said the Democrats had a hard time connecting with the voters because the Democrats “know so much.”  At a conference in Washington, DC, the Senator said Dems had trouble making a connection with people’s hearts and were really good at providing information that touched people in the mind instead.

That was sort of surprising to me, since it seems the left is always the ones getting all caught up in their feelings, getting offended by a word or action and lashing out at the one who made the offending remarks.  You would think the connection with the brain that the Left is so good at making would allow for some rational thinking instead of a knee-jerk reaction to call for someone to be fired, or their business or livelihood be boycotted.

You might also reason that when a conservative, ignorant as we are, questioned a Leftist position, those with the superior understanding would try to use their powers of comprehension to show us the error of our ways, instead of calling us racist, homophobic, or white supremacists.

And then, DNC Chairman, Tom Perez, followed up with a comment that the Democrat’s message had trouble penetrating into Christians because they bought into what they were hearing from the church pulpits on Sundays.  If the Dems’ message goes against the preaching of love, forgiveness, and all acceptance that I hear in church, perhaps that may be the reason it doesn’t resonate so well with Christian voters.  But I guess we just aren’t smart enough to understand.

Perez continued by telling of a person from Wisconsin who told him that the principle sources of information of most of the people they knew was Fox News, the NRA newsletter and the pulpit on Sunday, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Dems message isn’t penetrating.  Must be a hot-pocket of deplorables somewhere in Wisconsin.

These are just examples of what the Democratic Party is becoming, an elitist group who believe they have the ability to discern what is best for the lower-class individuals in this nation.  We shouldn’t be allowed to decide what is best for us on an individual basis, but rather succumb to the wishes of our superiors.

They want to “fundamentally change America,” and we deplorables are just not smart enough to realize how wonderful that would be.

That could be the reason we don’t understand the Democrats’ message, or maybe we understand it all too well, and we like America, with its individual freedoms and rights.

Who knows?  I’m just a dumb conservative.

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