Let’s Stop Pretending This is About Kavanaugh At All

Let’s Stop Pretending This is About Kavanaugh At All

Is it the nominee or something else the has the Democrats all up in arms?

While we wait for the FBI to complete its seventh (or is it eighth) background information check on Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, maybe it’s time to take a look at what is behind the opposition.  The official talking points from the Democrats and the Left are about the uncorroborated allegations of sexual misconduct, but since the judiciary hearing, new points have arisen, including Kavanaugh’s fondness for beer drinking, his temperament when accused of an act he says he did not commit, and the total and complete understanding of the term “boof.”

But is isn’t really about any of that.  The Democrats and the Left would have reacted the same way no matter who President Trump nominated.  Maybe the allegations would sound differently, but they would be just as intense.  The real reason surrounding the confirmation process is the Left will do anything to prevent the Supreme Court from becoming slanted to the Right.

Key Democrats immediately announced they would do all in their power to block whoever was nominated to fill the seat of retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, and this is one of the few times when you can take them at their word.  They would have found something to be outraged about and claim it was outrageous enough to deny seating anyone on the bench.

This happened to be sexual misconduct, no doubt to capitalize on the #MeToo movement’s importance, but rest assured, a different candidate would have had to face charges of racism, sexism, or religious prejudice in order to proceed through the confirmation process.  Or white privilege, or whatever the next cause du jour may be.

Why do I say this?  Because the ultimate goal, which Senator Lindsey Graham touched on in the hearing, is the balance of power on the Supreme Court, or better said, the left-leaning judiciary.  And why is this so important to the Democrats?

For decades, the left has been unable to push their favored legislation through Congress because the majority of the American public doesn’t always march in lock step with progressive thinking.  The balance is fragile, but it’s there.  Most of the public, especially in the flyover states, still hold convictions about the identity politics of the left.

The Left and the supporting media keep telling them they should be ashamed of America, of its past, and its current values.  They keep telling them they should forego their capitalist ideals and values of hard work, self-sufficiency and allowing their neighbors the same latitude.  They are told that we should all pool our collective resources, give it to an all-knowing and benevolent government that will decide for us what we should think and believe, and how we should act.

And a government that will punish those who refuse to accept such an authority and force them to comply with the standardized think.

Because the majority of Americans don’t actually swallow the Left’s mantra, it makes it hard to force such legislation on the un-enlightened public through the normal channels of government.  So, the left makes use of activist judges, primarily on lower courts, to subtly ease the public into seeing things their way.  We see such idiotic rulings almost daily.

But the final arbiter is the Supreme Court, where the Left has had a sympathetic ear for decades, even while moderate conservatives sometimes side with them.  Their worst nightmare is a Court that holds with the strict interpretation of the Constitution, and not that the document changes to support the current mores of the cultural elites.  Without a friendly Court, the Left must try to pass their modernistic views by the entire nation, instead of a few appointed friends on the benches.

In other words, the only way for the Left to stay relevant in politics is to maintain that hold on the Court, and they see it slowly slipping away.  Denying anyone whom Trump nominates, with the ultimate goal to win back power either in 2018 or 2020 to place one of their own on the Court, is their last gasp.

No wonder they are willing to stop at nothing to prevent it.  Their future depends upon it.

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  1. Michael P Lewis says

    So true. In fact I remember Neil Gorsuch’s nomination. Same sexual assault allegations, same lying under oath, same circus.

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