Right-Leaning Patriot Prayer Rally in Portland Erupts in Violence , But the Reason May Surprise You

Right-Leaning Patriot Prayer Rally in Portland Erupts in Violence , But the Reason May Surprise You

Which is the hate group? Sometimes it's kind of hard to tell.

On Sunday. A right-wing organization held a “Patriot Prayer” rally in Portland, OR, and not at all surprisingly, were met with a counter-protest rally marching under the banner of “Shut Down White Supremacy.”

According to reports, the Portland police department provided a buffer between the conflicting protest groups, as well as another group calling themselves “Portland Stands United Against Hate,” with the purpose of allowing each group to conduct their rallies peacefully.

Unfortunately, two Portland police officers were injured as violence did indeed erupt, but the cause of the violence didn’t come from the right-wing haters, as most would have expected.  According to a report in the Daily Mail, the demonstrations were largely peaceful on both sides until a “small number of Antifa protesters began to throw projectiles, including rocks and smoke bombs at police.”

The Patriot Prayer group eventually moved their protest which began in Portland across the river into Vancouver, followed by the counter-protesters, who chanted “Go home, Nazis,” continued the report.

To recap, here is a group staging a rally known as “Patriot Prayer” being counter-protested by a group against hate, which chased them across the border, and attacked the police who were there to protect the original rally goers.

All under the guise of stamping out hate.  Does that sink in?  To stamp out hate, the group uses violence and intimidation.  The group opposed to hate threw “projectiles, including rocks and smoke bombs” at the police who were not even participating in the Patriot Prayer rally, but were there doing their job trying to protect both factions.

The group accused of perpetrating hate moved their rally across the river to escape the counter-protesters, instead of becoming violent.  Does that sink in?

Seven of the counter-protesters, opposed to hate and violence, were arrested by the police, one for assaulting a police officer.  Does this sound like a group opposed to hate and violence?

Now, I can almost understand things getting out of hand, and some protesters spontaneously throwing rocks at the other protesters, but attacking the police who were trying to prevent a violent confrontation?  What did they have against the police?  Did they believe the police were siding with the right-wing organization?

And where did they get the smoke bombs?  Surely Portland doesn’t have smoke bomb dispensaries along its city streets.  The left-wing Antifa brought them with them to the protest, with the intent to use them, either against the Patriot Prayer group, the police, or both.  Does this sound like a group opposed to hate?

Full disclosure, one man with flags hanging from the windows of his pick-up truck was driving slowly by a group of protesters, according to witnesses, when the protesters began to walk behind the truck and throw debris and water at his truck.  The driver put his truck in reverse and accelerated towards the crowd, injuring no one, as protesters jumped out of the way.

This man was arrested for this heinous act.

Patriot Prayer argues its goal is to promote free speech and the First Amendment, but the protesters counter the organization seeks to provoke violent responses from Antifa.

Looks like Antifa fell for it again.

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