Without Personal Attacks, Does the Left Have Any Message at All?

Without Personal Attacks, Does the Left Have Any Message at All?

American voters are tired of hearing how bad someone is. They want to hear how you are going to help improve their quality of life.

It really shouldn’t have come to all that great of a surprise when Kathy Griffin posted her ill-advised photo of the severed head of President Donald Trump this past week.  We have already seen images of Trump being shot in a music video and we heard Madonna say she quite often fantasized about blowing up the White House, although President Obama was just moving out when she famously uttered that remark.  We were all pretty certain she meant to blow up Trump instead.

Ever since Trump was elected last November, the left has been attacking him personally as a racist, homophobic, degenerate that is in the pocket of Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Those charges are being bandied about with certainty on most of the news shows and in the pages of the newspapers and magazines.  Significantly missing are actual acts of racist, homophobic behavior, and almost everyone, including those on the left, admit after all this time, we still have no evidence of collusion on the part of Trump with the Russians.

Still, Democrats and their followers are constantly pontificating about Russian collusion and Trump’s fitness to serve as president.  Meanwhile, the problems that were facing the previous administration, the ones that American voters thought needed to go in a different direction, continue to plague us today.

At least Trump is working on trying to do something, whether you agree with his methodology on not.  Trump speaks about fighting terrorism, and the left screams racism and homophobia.  Trump talks about immigration reform and the left screams racism and homophobia.  Trump talks about correcting the failed Obamacare debacle and the left screams racism and homophobia.  We are beginning to see a pattern.

So, what exactly is the message from the left?  What is the left’s plan to combat terrorist attacks?  What does the left want to do about immigration reform, that everyone agrees is needed?  Every rational person can see that Obamacare is collapsing around itself, and most agree it never had a chance at success.  Does the left want to continue down the path that leads to a total collapse of the healthcare system?  If not, what is the replacement plan?

Hillary Clinton has blamed everything except El Nino and the avian flu for her defeat in last year’s election, but the real reason was she had no message that resonated with the American public.  She pandered to whatever faction of the party to which she was speaking at the time, but completely ignored the mainstream of middle-class American citizens and even offended many by calling them “deplorabes.”

The Democrats say they want national policy that includes all Americans, but “all Americans” seems to be defined as those who agree with Democratic principles.  The identity-politics message that changes with the wind doesn’t sit well with a significant number of US citizens.

American voters want positive messages about change that will improve the quality of their lives, and not just a certain segment of the population.  They want more and better paying jobs, less tax burden, and greater opportunities, including truly affordable healthcare coverage.  Things that would truly benefit the entire spectrum of Americans citizens.

They want less government intervention in their personal lives, cuts in wasteful spending, and politicians that are looking out for their constituents instead of maintaining their power and position.  They want someone to tell them what their plan is, and how they will go about getting it done.

Mid-term elections are coming up in 2018.  Unless the Democrats can find a coherent message, that inspires independent voters, they may have bigger problems than possible influence by the Russians.  They may find, as Hillary Clinton did, calling Trump names just isn’t enough to convince voters to support a party with no plan.

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