Michael Moore’s 10 ways to stop Trump’s fascism, a field guide

Michael Moore’s 10 ways to stop Trump’s fascism, a field guide

Filmmaker Michael Moore offers an attack plan to supporters aimed at removing President Trump from the White House.

No, this isn’t a Saturday Night Live skit.  Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore actually announced he has a 10-point plan that he is offering to stop President Donald Trump, even if it is a little unclear as to what he wants to stop Trump from doing.

Moore has been one of the most outgoing of Trump’s critics, almost from the get-go, and quite frankly, some of his comments and rants are just a little bit over the top, once declaring that Trump was “gonna get us killed,” and later sending an open letter to Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, asking for help in stopping her “deranged” dad.

In making the announcement on his website, michaelmoore.com, Moore asks his readers to “acknowledge what we all know to be true,” that Trump is owned by the Russians, surrounded by idiots from the alt-right, and sits in a mostly-empty White House alone in his bathrobe.  I’m sure there are many who share this opinion, but I might need a little more to go on to take all of it to heart.

But, let’s take a look at his 10-step program.  First on the list is to call your representatives every day, as a part of your morning routine.  I’m cool with that, but make sure you have something constructive to say and not just shout “Down with Trump” over and over. I might recommend having that first cup before making the call.

Number 2, visit the office of your representatives each month to discuss the issues personally.  That’s fine, too, but it may get a little crowded since most only have a small office to field calls and could be overwhelmed by the hordes of Moore supporters.  Hopefully, most of the representatives’ time is spent in Washington, doing what they were elected to do.

Third, organize a personal rapid response team, ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice to protest something Trump said or did.  Protesting is fine, but maybe you should plan a little better to understand exactly what you are protesting and not just respond to a request by your friends, based on a rumor or innuendo.

Next, join groups.  Moore recommends several groups in his plan to pick from, but you should do your own investigation before sending in the membership fee.  This is also a good idea, but make sure the group you join is aligned with your beliefs and has a real plan of action, something more than just disruption of highway traffic or knocking out windows.

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