National teeth-gnashing. What we face now.

National teeth-gnashing.  What we face now.

The aftermath is sad, amusing, bitter, and instructive.

Politics is hate. Fear based hate. The desire for the “right” people to be in charge of the “wrong” people”.

Clinton supporters are all over the map with hate this morning. OF course, it’s the other guys who are the haters, which is why they’re outraged.


Yes, the evil people are in control now! Not the benevolent, warm, Hillary supporters. Of course, some of those aren’t “with her” for very long.


The unification wore off quickly, didn’t it? The finger pointing about who “cost the elite” their entitlement has begun. It’s probably anti-feminism.


Oh, the evil right! Of course, the left has a point, there is plenty of gloating and rub-your-face-in-it starting, or coming soon.

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