It’s time to trade hope for change into belief that changes will be made

It’s time to trade hope for change into belief that changes will be made

Americans are tired of hearing about hope and would like to see real change that benefits everyone.

Yet they are asking the American public to stay the course for another four years under Clinton, whose scandal-ridden career plays out like a daytime soap opera.  One would half expect to hear the announcement that the part of Hillary Clinton will be played by another actor while she is recuperating.

See, the Obamas and the Clintons want to sell the American public the same idea of hope.  They claim hope is what keeps us going and gives us all lofty goals to which we can aspire.  They continue to pass out these “Hope” cards, to re-assure us they are doing all they can and if we just wait long enough, we can be like they are.  Then they retreat to their million-dollar mansions and start planning their next move, to obtain even more power and riches for themselves and their families.

Meanwhile, we patiently clutch our “Hope” cards and look forward to the day that never comes, and every four years, we get a new card and new promise, to be unfulfilled.

That is why it is time to trade our hope for a belief, a belief that things can be different.  Can Donald Trump actually make a change?  How about Gary Johnson?

They both believe their platforms will make a change in the way the country is going, and they are at least offering a different course.  Whether either can make good on their promises is yet to be seen, but at least they don’t plan to follow blindly down the same road as we are going, just to hold on to their positions and power, as many elected officials seem to be willing to do, from all parties.

The country needs to change direction.  Maybe it is time to trade in our basket of hope cards and put those in power in which we can believe will make changes, that will actually look out for the American public instead of their elected offices, and their legacies.

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