‘Seinfeld’ co-creator Larry David calls rumors of his $500 million net worth “absurd”

Larry David acted as co-creator, writer and producer of Seinfield and creator and star of the Golden Globe-winning HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm, but he claims he’s still not as rich as people think. When Charlie Rose asked him about his net worth in a new 60 Minutes interview, David quickly shot down rumors that he’s worth over $500 million, calling them “absurd” and “unseemly.”

Even though Seinfeld ended in 1998, the popular show “about nothing” is still syndicated on a number of television channels, and has reportedly netted $3.1 billion in fees for reruns in the United States. Between that show and Curb Your Enthusiasm, which began in 1999 and ran for eight seasons, experts have estimated David to have a net worth of approximately $900 million.

This total was cut in half in 2007, when California divorce laws forced David to give his wife of 14 years half of his fortune, but Rose said that this still put David’s net worth close to $500 million. When asked about impact Seinfeld had on his life, the 67-year-old comedian admitted that “It gave me money, It gave me something that I didn’t have.” However, he vehemently disputed Rose’s claims of his worth.

“Are you talking about me personally? Are you kidding me? Again, that’s just nuts,” said David. “No, it’s not [$500M]. And mind your own goddamn business.”

“The figures that I read about the amount of money that I’ve made are so ridiculous, and it’s absurd,” added David in a clip available only on the CBS website. “It’s unseemly, I don’t have that kind of money!”

David admitted that he had to give his ex-wife Laurie a significant amount of money in the divorce, but told Rose that he wouldn’t have wanted to give her any less.

“After what I put her through, I want her to be happy. It’s not an easy job to be with me. I don’t think of other people.”

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