Kevin Hart responds to Sony

Fallout from the Sony hacking scandal continues.

This past week, an email from Sony Pictures executive Clint Culpepper was leaked in which he called movie star and comedian Kevin Hart a “whore.” Culpepper made this comment in an email after Hart asked for additional money to promote his 2014 Think Like a Man Too film to his more than 14 million Twitter followers.

The exec went on to say that Hart would only be hurting his own brand by not doing the additional promotion because Sony had his next two films.

Hart responded on Instagram on Thursday. Using the hashtags #KnowYourselfWorth #HustleHart #MogulMindset, Hart defended his request for additional money.

The actor said it was important to know his self-worth and to protect the brand that he has worked very hard to build. He also said he makes smart decisions, would not allow himself to be taken advantage of and refused to be broken.

Hart was reportedly paid $3 million to film Think Like a Man Too. His contract included the usual film publicity but did not include leveraging Hart’s personal social media presence.

Sony was hacked late last month by an anonymous hacking group that goes by the name “Guardians of Peace.” The group gained access to an enormous amount of data that includes upcoming movies, scripts, emails, personal information of actors and personal information of Sony employees.

To stop the leaks, the group has demanded that Sony stop the release of the The Interview, a film about an assassination attempt on North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, as well as monetary compensation.

Some believe that the group may still have access to Sony’s servers.


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