Patriots celebrate Super Bowl victory with parade.

Thousands of Patriots’ fans, young and old, gathered in Boston today to celebrate the tremendous victory their team achieved in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Undaunted by the bitter cold of the snow, the Patriots’ team piled onto amphibious buses and began the trek down the streets of Boston. Fans chanted, “MVP!” as their team’s hero and Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady, rode by. All of them climbing higher on fences, trees, anything that could get them a better picture.

The fans of the Patriots’ organization have a good reason to be excited, as their team overcame improbable odds and a four point deficit in the fourth quarter to come out on top of the Seattle Seahawks, 28-24. Becoming arguably one the best Super Bowls in the last ten years, the game was not without dramatics. Even in the weeks building up to the game the league was abuzz. From Deflate Gate to the Seahawks secondary injuries to the corner controversy between Darrelle Revis or Richard Sherman.

This week, Tom Brady won his fourth Super Bowl and will join a legendary league of unstoppable quarterbacks who each have won four Super Bowls. Brady joins Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana all tied for the record with four Super Bowl wins. Though Bradshaw and Montana have four victories, Brady has been to the big game six times to their four trips. Both of Brady’s losses were with the New York Giants in 2008 and 2012.

As the team rode down the snowy streets of Boston, red, white and blue confetti fell from the sky as fans cheered and congratulated their home team. Wilshon Changasie was apart of the ecstatic crowd of the Boston streets as the amphibious buses rolled by. “It is amazing,” he stated. “They are congratulating us as we are congratulate them.” Flatbed trucks with cheerleaders and drummers aboard fell in behind the buses. Music blared, the team’s End Zone Militia fired their muskets, and a plume of white smoke filled the air.

“I am freezing, but it’s been great. It’s very exciting,” said Annie Cushing, a resident of the area. For the fans it is all very exciting, but for the organization the focus will soon shift to next season and finding a way to getting back to the Super Bowl. A short lived victory for the team, but the fans will continue to celebrate far into the offseason.

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