McDonald’s launches new way to pay: Hugs and kisses

Fast food giant McDonald’s will soon be accepting expressions of affection as payment for food as part of its “Pay with Lovin’” campaign, which starts Feb. 2 and lasts through Valentine’s Day, according to Jan, 31 WPIX-11 online news report.

McDonald’s is announcing the promotion in a commercial slated to air during Super Bowl XLIX Sunday. The ad, which features cashiers surprising elated customers who already have cash and credit in hand, already hit YouTube on Jan. 29. The feel-good advertisement ends with a smiling cashier saying,  “You paid with love, and that’s all we need.”

According to Inquistr online, the commercial features unsuspecting McDonald’s customers as they place an order and attempt to pay for their food. However, they receive a surprising bill total. As the video shows, the employee doesn’t want their cash, but instead a show of affection. Employees ring up the customers totals which vary from calling your mother to say “I love you” or performing a group hug.

According to the official promotional rules, winners will be chosen based on predetermined times throughout the day. Each store will be given the time of day that a winner should be chosen and the first person to walk through one of the restaurant customer doorways after that time will be the winner.

Each restaurant will have 100 deals on hand, McDonald’s spokeswoman Terri Hickey told PIX11. The official rules state that 55 of the offers must be given out within the first two days of the promotion. Winners will be randomly selected at participating McDonald’s.

Super Bowl ad slots cost up to $4.5 million for a 30-second commercial, but a study released this month found that the return on investment can be as high as 258 percent, which could help McDonald’s ailing sales.

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