Rift between 49ers front office and Harbaugh will likely result in trade

Rift between 49ers front office and Harbaugh will likely result in trade

Franchise reportedly will not extend his contract in the offseason

With rumors of San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, 50, being on the trade table after the 2014 season is over, the question is, if the rumor becomes reality what teams will show interest in the veteran head coach. There are reports of tension between Harbaugh and the front office execs of the 49ers organization, along with a stalemate during negotiations for a contract extension.

Harbaugh has one year remaining on his five year, $25 million contract with the San Francisco 49ers. He has a record of 43-17-1 since taking over in San Francisco in 2011. Harbaugh also won the Coach of The Year award in 2011 and a Super Bowl appearance in 2013.

When it was reported the 49ers were looking to trade the veteran head coach, the Cleveland Browns reportedly put their name in the hat for possible trade negotiations. Cleveland Browns Head Coach, Mike Pettine, 47, is expected to be fired by the Browns in the post season.

There have also been rumors the New York Jets will be shopping for a head coach after the 2014 season. However, the Jets are playing their cards close to their vest stating, “We are keeping an eye on the situation.” There will likely be head coach jobs in Miami as well as Chicago.

All these teams shopping for a head coach are still a distant second to the probability Harbaugh will end up with the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders need a coach that has the ability to turn a team that has lost focus, into a Super Bowl contender. Harbaugh, a bay area native,is likely to choose the Raiders so he can remain in the area.

Earlier this season the Raiders (2-11) fired Head Coach Dennis Allen and are looking for a coach that can turn their team around. Harbaugh was brought in by the 49ers to make drastic changes to the struggling team in 2011. The Raiders are in a similar situation.

There is no debate at this point in the season that the Raiders will have the first overall pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, and will reportedly have approximately $47 million in salary cap space for the 2015 season. If Harbaugh takes over as the head coach of the Raiders, this will allow him to make any changes needed to start down the road to a winning season, as long as he has the support of Owner Mark Davis and GM Reggie McKenzie.

There are a number of steps needed for a head coach to be traded. The steps are not the same as trading for a player. In fact, the coach is not actually traded at all. For any trade to happen, Harbaugh has to okqy any trade, the 49ers would then negotiate terms with a particularly team that Harbaugh agrees he would go to. After trade terms are agreed on, Harbaugh would then be released from his contract.

Since 1970, NFL teams have traded draft picks for head coaches nine times. The most notable trade was when the New England Patriots traded an arsenal of picks, including a first-rounder, to the New York Jets for Bill Belichick in 2000.

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