US agencies bothered by iPhone 6 security

US agencies bothered by iPhone 6 security

A number of American agencies have expressed concern over Apple's new security measures that it is implementing in the iPhone 6.

A number of federal agencies have expressed concern over the iPhone 6’s new security measures, saying that it is becoming too difficult to eavesdrop on people for security issues.

The new measures are in direct response to the revelations surrounding Edward Snowden and the NSA, in which the whistleblower revealed that the NSA was using technology to spy on American citizens. The new iPhone, however, comes with advanced encryption software that keeps users data safe from anyone trying to break into the device. Only the user of the phone will have access to codes to access the data – in fact, even Apple can’t access it.

Essentially, while a security agency may have been able to force Apple to give up information in the past, those days are over. The only thing Apple will be able to hand over to authorities is encrypted data, which Apple estimates may take up to five years to crack.

Even the FBI has spoken out against Apple’s measures, arguing that technology could be used by terrorists to plan and implement attacks.

Despite this, it is important to take the general consumers privacy into account in these issues. A recent Supreme Court ruling said that a warrant was needed to access a users data, with many feeling that the NSA was spying on way too many people in gathering data. Many users no longer want to be subject to surveillance programs implemented by the NSA.

Apple has so far declined to comment on the issue, however it seems as though the company’s stance is that it needs to take care to protect the general consumers privacy.


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