CIA controversy: Sen. King calls torture ‘unjustifiable’

CIA controversy: Sen. King calls torture ‘unjustifiable’

The President admitted that the U.S. "tortured some folks" in the years after 9/11.

On Friday, President Barack Obama admitted that the CIA “tortured some folks” after 9/11.

The President confessed to the CIA’s use of torture techniques ahead of a Senate investigation into the controversial subject.

Speaking Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, Senator Angus King, an Independent from Maine and a member of the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee, said that the torture was “unjustifiable.”

King expressed outrage at agency officials who continue to try to justify the CIA’s use of torture.

“They should have come forward and said, ‘OK, we made a mistake. We were under pressure, we made a mistake.’ But they’re still trying to justify and argue it wasn’t torture which is nonsense,” King argued.

“If they had stepped forward and said, ‘We did some things we wished we hadn’t under duress, we’re not going to do that again,’ I think we could put this behind us. They keep trying to justify it. It’s unjustifiable,” he added.

Do you agree with Sen. King or was the torture justifiable after 9/11? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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