Parents of Santa Barbara victims: ‘The system is clearly broken’

Parents of Santa Barbara victims: ‘The system is clearly broken’

There are still many unanswered questions regarding the case.

The parents of the first three Isla Vista victims recently came out and criticized the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s department for what they consider to be a mishandling of the case. James Hong, David Wang and George Chen were identified as the first victims of Elliot Rodger’s killing spree on May 23 near the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara in Isla Vista.

According to information obtained by the Associated Press, Hong and Wang were confirmed as Rodger’s roommates while Chen was visiting the residence on the night of the killings. All three men were stabbed to death at the beachside apartment before Rodger left to continue with his rampage. Rodger took his own life after fatally shooting and injuring additional students on the campus.

There are still many unanswered questions regarding the case, and the victims’ parents are finally speaking out. In a recent interview with The Washington Post, they questioned the breakdown of the crime scene and how the murder was carried out by Rodger.

“How did one boy do this? Our sons, there were three of them. . . . We wonder, were our boys drugged?” said Junan Chen, the father of George Chen, in the interview.

There was no sign of struggle based on their view of the crime scene. Specifically, they recalled a lack of blood on the walls or ceiling.  They are also unclear as to the exact murder weapons used. The local sheriff’s department has only classified the murder weapons as “sharp objects” without providing more detail.

“It may be too late for our kids, but I don’t want it to be too late for other American children,” said Henry Hong, the father of James Hong. “The system is clearly broken. It should have protected our sons, who were so innocent and trusting.”

A spokeswoman for the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s department said in a statement that the department “owes it to the victim’s families and to the public to not prematurely release information before we have all the facts of in this case.”

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