FBI arrests man for threats against John Boehner over jobless benefits

FBI arrests man for threats against John Boehner over jobless benefits

The man allegedly threatened Boehner in an email sent via the Republican's official website.

An Indiana man was charged on Friday after admitting to threatening House Speaker John Boehner and his wife, Debbie Boehner. The New Castle, Indiana resident was identified as Brandon James Thompson. According to Reuters, the 32-year-old man was arrested on Thursday and charged Friday when he appeared before the U.S. Magistrate.

According to records obtained by WRTV in Indianapolis, Thompson threatened Boehner directly with an email sent through a contact form on the Republican’s official website.

The anonymous email, sent on Mar. 31, read, “Well you drunk John Bin Laden it’s time to you out m—– f—– you want to play with 2.7 million peoples lives I am going to take yours you will never see it coming with my sniper rifle.”

The email was in direct reference to Boehner’s involvement in refusing a floor vote over a bill to extend unemployment benefits. Thompson’s unemployment payments ended on Jan. 11, according to FBI reports. Over 3,000,000 Americans lost unemployment benefits when they expired in De. 2013.

Two voicemails were also left at the beginning of May on Boehner wife’s cell phone. One of those messages stated, “You tell your husband to redo the unemployment extension because I’m going to come for him. I’m going to rip his f—– head off. He’s not untouchable. I will get my hands on him.”

When questioned by authorities, Thompson admitted to sending both the email and voicemail messages.

Thompson is in possession of a concealed-carry permit, but does not have a criminal record, according to the FBI. He does have five protective orders against him, the first of which was filed in 2001.

A death threat was also made recently against Republican Congressman Jim Jordan. Last week, Theodore Erwin Mack was sentenced to a court-ordered diversion program for his actions.

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