Ben Affleck banned from blackjack table at Hard Rock Las Vegas

Ben Affleck banned from blackjack table at Hard Rock Las Vegas

The famous actor is banned from gambling.

Ben Affleck was at the Hard Rock Las Vegas this week during a romantic getaway with his wife, Jennifer Garner before filming for his new movie begins. Although it is unknown whether Garner was with him at the time of the incident, this romantic trip took a dramatic turn. Apparently, the forthcoming “Batman” star was caught counting cards during a game. He was approached by a security guard and told that he was “too good.” Card counting is a game strategy which although is not illegal, is actually frowned upon in Las Vegas casinos. This is a tactic used to allow players to bet more and minimize loss.

It is reported that Ben had won several thousand dollars at the casino in the past, so it is safe to say they were probably keeping a close eye on him this time around.

So what happens when you are caught counting cards? You get banned for life! Although Affleck was not banned from the actual casino, he can no longer play blackjack at the Hard Rock. The casino did not ban him from playing other games, but his days of extreme blackjack winnings are done. Sources say that casino management ordered a car to take him back to his hotel.

The actor starred in the 2013 movie, “Runner Runner,” about cheating at online poker. He is clearly a natural. It is illegal to use devices to card count, but if he was doing the math in his head is he really at fault?

Affleck’s reps have yet to comment on the incident, and a rep for the hotel stated that he is “welcome back any time.”

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