NBC cancels Eva Longoria’s new dating show ‘Ready for Love’

By Lance Tillson, National Monitor | April 20, 2013

NBC cancels Eva Longoria’s new dating show ‘Ready for Love’

“Ready for Love” was hosted by Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic and was widely expected to do better than it did because it had “The Voice” as a lead-in.

NBC has cancelled actress Eva Longoria's new dating show "Ready for Love" after only two episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In a statement issued Friday, the network said that it hasn't decided whether the remaining episodes of the dating show will be aired. For the time being, however, "Ready for Love" is being replaced by "Grimm."

Reality TV World reports that Longoria's show was cancelled because of poor ratings. "Ready for Love" did horribly when it premiered on April 10. The dating show average only 3.85 million viewers during its two-hour debut. Unfortunately, the second episode performed even worse, averaging only 3.37 million viewers.

"Ready for Love" was hosted by Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic and was widely expected to do better than it did because it had "The Voice" as a lead-in.

The show was about finding a date for three bachelors by utilizing the skills of three professional matchmakers to locate the perfect dates for each bachelor.

Prior to the show airing on TV, Longoria remarked to NBC that the show was an attempt to replicate some of the techniques that people use today to find a date, such as joining Internet dating sites. She noted at the time that she hoped people would be inspired by the show to go out in search of their perfect match.

Knowing that "The Voice" would be the show's lead-in, Bill said that "Ready for Love" would change the dating show genre like "The Voice" changed the music show genre. Giuliana compared watching other dating shows to seeing a "train wreck" unfold.

Are dating shows a tired format or was the premise of the show too boring? Did you watch the first two episodes of Longoria's "Ready for Love?" If so, did NBC cancel Longoria's show prematurely? Should Longoria stick to acting or give producing another shot? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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