Justin Bieber caught smoking weed AGAIN, Ferrari pulled over by police

Justin Bieber caught smoking weed AGAIN, Ferrari pulled over by police

Say it ain't so.

Justin Bieber is at the center of another weed scandal.

TMZ has reportedly obtained images of the pop star in which he is said to be smoking weed with Lil Za. The photos, which are alledgely being shopped to various media outlets, show the pop singer toking it up with friends.  Also allegedly at the gathering is a large bottle of codeine, which could make this latest incident a much larger issue for Bieber.

Bieber, who earlier this year faced criticism after a series of leaked images showed him celebrating the New Year by partaking with some weed, has yet to comment on the latest images. It is the latest in a series of missteps for one of the world’s best known music stars.

The pictures surface  just weeks after a photographer was killed while trying to snap pics of Bieber’s Ferrari. The photographer, Chris Guerra, allegedly told a friend shortly before his death that he had witnessed the teen pop sensation driving his car while smoking on a marijuana pipe. Bieber’s spokespeople, at the time, denied the allegation, saying it was the latest rumor making its way through Hollywood.

The alleged photos also follow in the wake of Bieber and Selena Gomez reportedly splitting up again over the holidays, after a romantic vacation in Mexico turned sour. A source close to the pair confirmed the break up at the time, saying the split was the result of differences and tough schedules.

The images could not come at a worse time. Lil Za  was behind the wheel of Beiber’s Ferarri when it was pulled over yesterday, according to various media reports. Lil Za was arrested and cited for not having a license, according to TMZ. A man then reportedly arrived later to pick up Bieber’s Ferrari. On Thursday, TMZ reported that that same $200,000 Ferrari was left at a Los Angeles-area repair shop after Lil Twist bottomed it out during a joyride at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

At least there is a silver lining for the pop star: his latest album is doing well. Bieber will grab his fifth number one album with the release of his latest album, Believe Acoustic. The album, which is largely a rehash of his 2012’s Believe, will reportedly sell upwards of 215,000, making it the biggest release for a week for a January debut. Bieber’s title is one of four new albums coming in the Billboard 200 top 10.

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