Report: Taylor Swift tired of love life being turned into punchlines

Report: Taylor Swift tired of love life being turned into punchlines

Michael J. Fox apologizes to Taylor Swift.

Singer Taylor Swift is sick and tired of her love life being made into the butt of jokes on “Saturday Night Live” and on late night talk shows. Michael J. Fox recently made matters worse by jokingly telling Swift to stay away from his son.

Speaking to at a book party last Wednesday, Fox told Swift to “back off,” adding, “I don’t keep up with it all, but Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right?”

Multiple reports suggest that “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is about ex-Boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. Speaking to the New York Times last November, Swift said she isn’t comfortable with naming the people who have inspired her songs because she doesn’t want to throw anyone “under the bus.”

According to Hollywood Life, Swift’s fans were outraged over Fox’s diss, which may be one reason why the “Back to the Future” star decided to apologize to the singer.

“Hey everybody, Michael J. Fox got in touch with me today and we are good. Thank you for having my back,” she tweeted Friday.

Fox’s son, Sam, was glad to have Swift back on his dad’s side. “Hope he gave her my #,” he tweeted.

The constant jokes about her love life, however, are starting to take a toll on the 23-year-old singer.

“Now she’s the butt of jokes on Saturday Night Live, in the tabloids and on the late night shows,” a source told RadarOnline. “She laughed it off, but the jokes made about her at the Golden Globes got under her skin.”

It doesn’t help that Swift recently split from One Direction’s Harry Styles after about three months of dating. Of course, Styles is just one of many boyfriends that Swift has had over the last several years. Besides Styles, Swift has also dated Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer (maybe), Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor Kennedy.

While she may not be pleased to hear all the jabs about her relationships, there’s a chance that the negative attention may yield a positive outcome, according to the source cited by RadarOnline.

“She really wants to make an effort to slow down and not jump from boyfriend to boyfriend,” said the source. “In a weird way all the negative press has really opened her eyes and will be good for her!”

Was the decision to apologize Fox’s choice or did he do so because of Swift’s angry fans? Will Swift ever be in a long-term relationship? Sound off in the comments section.

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