Obama, U.S. Olympian’s ‘not impressed’ look goes viral

There are a number of reasons that the president of the United State could be “not impressed” at the moment. The nation’s top spy just resigned from his post due to a sex scandal, Republicans continue to resist the idea of raising taxes on the wealthy and Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are talking trash about the person he wants to have confirmed as the next secretary of state. Despite all of these problems, President Barack Obama was “not impressed” because he was mimicking the look of gymnast McKayla Maroney as he met with the 2012 U.S. Olympic gymnastic team on Thursday.

The photo went viral early Saturday.

It didn’t take long for the photo, which was released by the White House, to go viral. Several news outlets posted the photo on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. The pose, according to the U.S. Olympian, was Mr. Obama’s idea.

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“He was the one who brought it up,” Ms. Maroney told The Associated Press. “We were about to leave and he said, ‘I want to talk to you one second about the face.’ He said, ‘I pretty much do that face at least once a day.’”

“I, like, freaked out,” Ms. Maroney added. “He said, ‘Let’s do it together.’ We took a picture and now it’s everywhere.”

The U.S. Olympian shared it with her followers.

“Did I just do the Not Impressed face with the President..?” Ms. Maroney tweeted.

This is not the first time that Ms. Maroney and the rest of the Fierce Five have shown their “not impressed” faces on the national stage. Ms. Maroney’s “not impressed” look first went viral when it was captured by cameras during the medal ceremony. In August, Ms. Maroney and her teammates recreated the “not impressed” face on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

“Everything happens for a reason and you just have to turn it into something positive,” Ms. Maroney remarked, referring to the attention she received after the “not impressed” look went viral.

Ms. Maroney, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber had visited the White House earlier but had been unable to see the Executive Mansion. While in Washington on Thursday for a show, the White House extended an invitation to show the U.S. Olympians that other part of the White House.

“He’s the coolest person I ever met,” Ms. Maroney told The AP. “He’s got the hardest job in the entire world.”

Although the 2012 London Olympics are long over, the Fierce Five continue to train together.

“We’re all like sisters. We have to compete against each other, but we’re also competing for Team USA and our coaches and our gym, so we still want each other [to] do the best we can,” Ms. Douglas said in an interview with The Washington Post. “We all just love hanging out. Going to the mall. Going shopping. Relaxing in each other’s rooms. Going out to eat and watching TV with each other. We’re all normal 16 year olds…[ but] no dating. No time for boys just yet because everything is so crazy.”

The Fierce Five earned their name at the 2012 London Olympics, winning the gold medal in the team all-around competition. The Fierce Five were just the second U.S. team to win the gold medal. Ms. Raisman, the team’s captain, earned a gold and a bronze in individual competitions.

This is not the first picture of Mr. Obama to go viral in the last few weeks. A picture of the president and First Lady Michelle Obama went viral after the 2012 presidential election. The tweet, which featured a picture of himself hugging Mrs. Obama, set a Twitter record. “Four more years,” read the tweet.

There’s the possibility that four years from now, the Fierce Five will be competing together at the 2016 Rio Olympics but NBC News points out that there are number of obstacles that must be overcome before that reunion becomes a reality. Age and being in the spotlight after earlier Olympic success could prevent these Olympic champions from reuniting in Brazil.

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