The Academy Award Show/Political Rally is coming up, so get ready for Hollywood’s opinions

The Academy Award Show/Political Rally is coming up, so get ready for Hollywood’s opinions

Everyone is getting geared up to find out what Hollywood's stars think of President Donald Trump and America today. Well, maybe.

There is a great deal of news making the cycles at the moment, but come Sunday night, all the world will stop turning as we get to finally find out what Hollywood and its stars think of Donald Trump and the Republican Party in general.

Maybe.  You never really know what will happen as the award winners ascend the stage.  Usually they will thank the fans and the people behind the scenes that made them what they are, but some will undoubtedly decide to impart their version of the world to their less-enlightened adoring fans.

They certainly have the privilege of doing so, and will likely be cheered no matter what they say, by the industry’s elites surrounding them at the stage.  But in middle America, most people take that opportunity for a restroom break, or a visit to the fridge for that after-dinner treat.  After all, most of us regular people haven’t even seen the nominated movies anyway.

Hollywood has a greatly-inflated sense of worth, especially when it comes to political expression.  They know exactly what the rest of us need to do to make everything right, even if it most often does not apply to them as well.  Sort of like Congress, when you think about it.

They support open borders and allowing anyone to come into the country and settle where they please, except behind the security of the million-dollar mansions in which they live, surrounded by the walls that are so repugnant to them.

They remind us of the harm we all are doing to the environment while driving our gas-guzzling automobiles to work and to our children’s activities as they fly their private jets across the world to speak about the dangers of fossil fuels, leaving behind their 17-room houses that use more energy than an inner-city block of homes.

They speak to us about income inequality, while pulling down $3 million per movie, and asking for more for the next picture.

Don’t forget the poor and downtrodden, either, as you watch the starlets prance across the Red Carpet in designer gowns that cost as much as half the homes in rural America.

I’m sure they have a tear in the corner of their eye as they drive past homeless people on the streets, and poverty-stricken parts of major cities, while riding their limos to upscale restaurants and dropping a couple of grand on dinner and champagne.

I’m sure they feel our pain, middle America. They know exactly what we face day-to-day in our lives; our struggles to pay the mortgage and feed the kids.  They were once working as waitresses and cab drivers waiting to be discovered.  Surely they remember those days.

Despite having said all that, I am thrilled they found success and I hope they are happy in their lives and their chosen vocations, just as many of us are happy with ours, even though we may not be quite as successful as they are.

I am thankful they have the privilege of living and/or working in a country where they can express their views on any topic, including the current government, and not be at risk of harassment or imprisonment.  Unless you count a Tweet from Trump as harassment.  And I am thankful I also have that same privilege, to express my views as well.

I am also thankful I don’t necessarily have to listen to their opinions, and that I am able to disagree with them if I choose to do so.

Maybe I will just go see one of the Oscar-nominated films instead of watching the awards show.  I can get the recap on the news shows tomorrow anyway.

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