Federal judge and husband are robbed by 3 armed assailants in their home

Federal judge and husband are robbed by 3 armed assailants in their home

A federal judge and her attorney husband were robbed in their Cincinnati home on Saturday night by 3 young and armed assailants.

Late on Saturday night, federal judge Susan Dlott and her husband were robbed at gunpoint in their home in Cincinnati. Judge Dlott was with her attorney husband, Stan Chesley, in their Indian Hill home when 3 armed assailants entered their home.

The 3 armed robbers were captured by police about an hour later and were arrested, reports cincinnati.com. The 3 assailants were charged with armed robbery and with two counts of kidnapping. The robbers were identified as Terry Jackson, 21; Demetrius Williams, 20; and Darrell Kinney, 20. The 3 come from Mount Airy and from Evanston.

The Hamilton County, Ohio, prosecutor will meet next week with federal prosecutors and investigators to try and decide how it would be best to proceed with this most serious of cases. Joe Deters, the Hamilton County prosecutor remarked that, “Outside of murder, armed home invasion may be the worst type of offender. They are willing to go into someone’s home… armed with weapons. It’s as bad as it gets.”

The 3 armed robbery suspects entered the home by kicking in the basement door. They then proceeded to threaten to kill the judge and her husband all the while stealing anything they thought might be valuable to them. All 3 of the assailants carried guns and Chelsey was pushed down a flight of stairs and injured.

The robbers were in the process of moving the couple to the garage of their home when the assailants were starltled by some manner of beeping sound. That caused them to flee as the judge and her husband walked through the woods to a neighbors house from which they summoned the police.

The assailants were arrested after a traffic stop. The police officers recognized the men from their descriptions and the car contained much of the judge’s stolen property from the home invasion. One of the robbers kicked out the window of the police vehicle and made a run for it. He was quickly recaptured by police.

The men confessed to the crime and all of the stolen property was recovered. The 3 will be arraigned in court on Monday.

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