TV networks descend on San Bernardino home to utter shock of many

TV networks descend on San Bernardino home to utter shock of many

Many people were shocked and dismayed when two major cable news outlets began swarming around the rented home of the San Bernardino murderers and broadcasting live.

Many media experts and viewers from around the country were slapped into utter shock on Friday when several cable news organizations descended on the rented home of the San Bernardino murderers. As CNN and MSNBC swarmed into the residence, viewers were stunned to see the unbridled voyeurism, poor judgment,¬†and cheap sensationalism displayed by many of the “reporters” who swept the place to paw through and¬†display anything they could lay their hands on.

The landlord of the property stated that the law enforcement authorities had released the property back into his custody as they considered the investigation there to be closed, reports The Washington Post. The landlord said he was going to allow just one of the cable news outlets into the home but he became quickly overwhelmed as he said people just stormed the place and swarmed in like Hollywood paparazzi chasing a movie star.

The media people began broadcasting live from closets and bathrooms as they hungrily sifted through clothes, belongings and pictures. One MSNBC reporter found a photo of a child and was showing it when she received a message from a superior to cut away from the shot and to try and not show pictures of children. In the course of their coverage, MSNBC showed a child’s crib as well as a trash can full of trash and paper.

Even many seasoned journalists were dismayed and shocked at watching scenes of people just rummaging around through identity documents and photographs. Many found the circus atmosphere spectacle unprofessional and tawdry. Both CNN and MSNBC, of course, defended themselves and their live broadcasts. All either network seemed concerned with is apologizing for showing drivers licenses and other identifiable documents.

One media analyst and the president of a journalism institute, Kelly McBride, commented that the live broadcasts simply amounted to, “an act of voyeurism instead of journalism.” She went on to say that a live broadcast doesn’t allow for anyone to present any sort of context with regard to what was actually going on and how it relates to anything at all.

The landlord had to finally put up a barrier at the door on Thursday to prevent any more intrusions.

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