Teenage girl is murdered by the Islamic State for attempting to return home

Teenage girl is murdered by the Islamic State for attempting to return home

A young Bosnian girl from Austria who ran away to Syria has been murdered by the Islamic State for trying to escape and return to her home and family in Austria.

A young 17 year old Bosnian girl from Austria was murdered by The Islamic State for trying to leave the organization and return home to her family in Austria. A woman who had been living with 17 year old Samra Kesinovic had successfully escaped from the Islamic State stronghold in the city of Raqqa and told her tale to an Austrian newspaper.

Young Kesinovic ran away from home last year with her friend, 15 year old Sabina Semimovic, and the two headed for Syria because they expected to marry a couple of Islamic State soldiers, reports The New York Daily News. Kesinovic eventually changed her mind a year later and tried to flee from Raqqa. That was when she was caught and murdered by Islamic State soldiers.

Since the two young teenagers were so beautiful, the Islamic State used them as “poster girls” in their marketing campaign to get other young teenagers, especially girls, from around the world to come to Iraq and Syria and joining in the great jihadist movement against the West.

The two girls were almost immediately married off to a pair of Islamic State soldiers and it is believed that they had received training and sent into combat. Members of the Islamic State are fervent believers that no one can go to heaven if they are killed in battle by a female.

It is also believed that Kesinovic’s friend, Semimovic, was also killed while trying to escape but no one has been able to confirm that belief. It has also been reprted that Semimovic was killed last year and was a catalyst for Kesinovic wanting to escape. Both girls came from families that were Bosnian. The families both escaped the violence and┬ábrutality of Bosnia in the early 1990’s and ended up settling in Austria.

The two friends were both born and raised in Austria and it is unclear how they became attracted to the Islamic State or why they really ran away to Syria.

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