Ohio teen girl is found alive after being kidnapped and raped for a month

Ohio teen girl is found alive after being kidnapped and raped for a month

A young 15 year old girl who had been missing for more than a month was found alive in Missouri after being kidnapped, raped and held prisoner.

A young 15 year old girl from Brooklyn, Ohio, was found on Tuesday alive in Missouri. She had been kidnapped and raped for nearly a month by a man she had met online. Police have arrested Christopher Schroeder, 41, and charged him with various crimes including rape. The young girl was found more than 600 miles away from her home.

Schroeder said that he began chatting with the girl on the online app known as Kik, reports The New York Daily News. The girl had mentioned to Schroeder that she was not happy at home and Schroeder told her that he would be able to help her get away from the situation. On the day she left with Schroeder, the girl told her step sister that she was going to walk the dog and she never came back. Her sister found the dog but there was no trace of the girl.

He told her, once he had her in the car, to remove her SIM card and battery from her cell phone and destroy them. He didn’t want the police to be able to track her. The girl had no idea whatsoever as to where he might be taking her. After a short time, Schroeder informed the girl that he was going to have sex with her. She tried to tell him that she was only 15 but Schroeder paid no attention to her pleas.

While he held her captive at his house, he continued to rape her as well as demand that she clean his house for him. She also was not allowed to go online or use the telephone. He also made attempts to disguise her by making her lose some weight and by cutting her hair shorter. He had thrown the girl’s cell phone into a river and threatened her to never tell anyone what her real name was.

She was afraid to make a run for it because Schroeder had several guns in his home. Every time he raped the girl, over the course of a month, he recorded it to video. When Schroeder was arrested by police he told them he thought the girl was 18. Her family was overjoyed at her return having thought she had run away.

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