Montana police detain man in murder of mother and son who found gold

Montana police detain man in murder of mother and son who found gold

A mother and son came upon a gold bar worth a half a million dollars. Their bodies were discovered in a local dump on Sunday.

Police in rural Powell County, Montana, have taken a man into custody concerning the murders of a mother and son who had found a gold bar worth $480,000. The bodies of Beverly Giannonatti, 79, and her son Greg, 57, were found in a dump on Sunday night in Powell County. David Nelson, 53, was arrested and detained by the Powell County Sheriff’s Department in connection with the double murders.

Nelson has a previous record of kidnapping, robbery, and assault and is currently being held on a parole violation. He will be eligible for release from custody in 72 hours, according to The Washington Post.

In October a woman was cleaning out a secluded hunting lodge that belonged to Beverly’s ex-husband. The cleaning woman found a gold bar which was later assessed at being worth nearly half a million dollars. Greg’s father was known to collect gold and gold coins but the discovery was still a huge shock to the mother and son.

Nine days after the discovery of the gold bar, both Beverly and Greg disappeared. Beverly had been last seen having lunch with a white man in his late 50’s or early 60’s. Later that night, Greg was observed driving away from his house and his car was later found at his father’s hunting lodge.

The police haven’t determined a cause of death and when investigating their homes they found no sign of any struggle. The television was still on at Greg’s house and a crock pot was still cooking a now decomposing pot roast. Both Beverly and Greg’s houses were locked and their dogs were still locked inside.

Police believe that Greg got caught up in a burglary attempt and tried to foil it. The gold bar, that weighs 25 pounds, is still missing. Townspeople have been following the month long drama that had even seen the FBI brought in to help investigate. Finding such a fortune has caused a stir in the small rural town where the annual median income is only around $30,000.

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